This guide has been designed to make it easy for you to dip into, and out of, each section, without being overwhelmed with information.

What’s in the guide?

Each section is comprised of:

  • a section overview
  • a video explainer that gives an overview of the section and specific issues to look out for
  • a case study example (you can also view all case studies on one page)

The guidance is set out in modules on each page that you can click on to open and view. To search for a specific word or phrase on a page, you’ll need to open all the toggles.

Sense checks

At the end of the sections, you can find a sense check that will help you decide if you’re ready to move on to the next section, look over a section again, or read up on specific topics at other sites. The sense checks are optional.

Survey builder

The survey builder allows you to create a customised survey that you can start to use instantly.

  1. Upload your organisational logo (if applicable)
  2. Select the questions you’d like included in your survey. The scales will automatically appear beneath the questions you select.
  3. Write your own open and closed questions, based on the guidance.
  4. You will need to include your email address to have the survey sent to you. This should happen within minutes.